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Protection of Working Children Program under Comic Relief

Protection of Working Children program with the financial support from Comic Relief is managing 04 partners on the target to eliminate 15,000 hazardous child labourer from government listed 38 sectors. SOHAY and Community Participation and Development (CPD) are working in Dhaka district, Nabolok is working in Gazipur and Ghashful in Chittagonj district with goal of establishing Child Labour Free Bangladesh. With the implementing experience of last 11 years MJF has gradually developed a comprehensive model to eliminate hazardous child labour which has five major strategies; such as Prevention, Rehabilitation, Protection, Development and Sustainability.From targeted 15000 children, 60% are directly involved in hazardous labour and 40% are potential child labour. Potential child labour received preparation session from child centre over the year and 90% of them enroll in formal school. From the hazardous working children 50% of them enroll in formal schools for that the preparatory sessions are taken to make them competent for the schools admission. Rest elderly 40% children gets re-assignment to non-hazardous jobs get priority as their family live on their earnings and 10% goes for new safer job. However, compliances for the employers, school preparation session and tutorial support, basic awareness, primary health support and safety measure in workplaces and cultural exposure are the major areas of intervention. On the other hand, school follow up and tutorial support, sponsorship of the enrolled children by local people, community contribution for education centre etc initiatives are taken place for the sustainability of the program.

Four partners at a glance


Name of organization


Project Title

Community Participation and Development (CPD)

House-33, Block-Ka, P.C. Culture Housing Society, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207


Mobile: 01733554335

Prevention and Alternate Livelihood Options for Ensuring Decent Job for Working Children


37/38 Hafizuddin Bepari Road, Tongi, Gazipur


Mobile: 01715798019

Protecting and Reforming Hazardous Forms of Child Labour


Sorokunja, House-3/39, Flat No-A/1, Sultangonj, Rayer Bazar, Dhaka-1209


Mobile: 01717173953


Hazardous Child Labour Elimination Project


Shajher Maya, Road-02,

22 Amirbag R/A, Mededibag



Mobile - 01821784667


Establish Child rights and Hazard free Working environment through Education and Vocational Training (CHWEVT)


Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)

House # 47, Road # 35/A
Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212
Tel: +880-2-9850291-4
IP Phone: +880-9609-444888
FAX: +880-2-9850295