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Mothers play crucial role in tackling extremism


Mothers play crucial role in tackling extremism

In recent times rise of violent extremism and radicalization has become an issue of concern in Bangladesh. The role of a mother is very significant in terms of their education, teaching good values etc. Due to lack of capacity and awareness on identifying the signs of radicalization, family members, specially young boys are not given the right information or messages by their mothers in order to prevent such behavior of their children.  So if the mothers are equipped with necessary supports they can properly guide their children towards proper path. The MotherSchools Project of Manushser Jonno Foundation (MJF), funded by Women without Borders, Austria-based organization, is implementing in five wards of Dhaka North and South City Corporation area to train 125 women having at least one child (age 12-28 years) on parenting.

MJF in association with Community Participation and Development (CPD) organized a four-month long training workshop titled “Parenting for Peace” for mothers under this project aimed at raising awareness on building safe society for everyone. As part of this training, a certificate giving ceremony titled ‘Parenting for Peace’ organized at Uddipon Conference Centre at Dhaka City on 17 September 2021. A total of 125 mothers received the certificates after completion of the training.

While expressing their reactions, several mothers, who got certificates, told that they will play their due role for building a society free from violent extremism through utilizing the knowledge gained from Mother Schools Project. They said that they learned the various details of parenting including what to say or do with the children.

“There is no scope to disregard the role of mothers in preventing radicalism and violence. Projects like this will play a significant role in this regard,” said Advocate Sultana Kamal, former adviser to the caretaker government. Lawmaker Aroma Dutta reiterated that the training program has created a new dimension in maintaining social harmony by involving mothers as a key stakeholder in the fight against extremism. CPD Executive Director Moslema Bari said mothers who have received the training will become more conscious about such issues and play a leading role in their families and communities to counter hate and intolerance. Dr. Edit Schlaffer, Executive Director of Women without Borders, gave her welcome address at the event held virtually. Shaheen Anam, Executive Director of Manusher Jonno Foundation, said Mother Schools played an important role for halting degradation of social values and preventing the rise of extremism and terrorism.

The ceremony concluded with a cultural program held with participating mothers. Different NGO representatives as well as other stakeholders were also attended the event.

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