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Press Conference : Sustainable Oceans Project


Sustainable Oceans Project’ of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) organised a Press Conference on 20th September 2022 focusing on the Field realities of issuance of Fisher ID Card and some recommendations.


‘Sustainable Oceans Project’ conducted a Sector Wide Human Rights Impact Assessment (SWIA) on the coastal artisanal small-scale fisheries sector of Bangladesh during 2018 – 2021. There had been a number of recommendations from the SWIA and the project developed a set of policy briefs (4 types of briefs both in Bengali and English). Based on the recommendations from Phase I, the project has been extended to Phase II for 12 months from December 2021. A series of advocacy activities have planned to accomplish during this phase of the project.

It has found that the Fisher ID Card issued by the Government of Bangladesh is the basis of all the safety-net services available for the fishers of the coastal areas. That is why, another short survey was conducted among the fishers (of Kutubjome Union under Moheshkhali Upazila of Cox’s Bazar and Pathrghata Sadar Union under Patharghata Upazila of Barguna Districts) to explore the field reality of availability of Fisher Card and related safety net services.


In the meanwhile, the Minister, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, recently emphasized on updating the fishers’ list. The recently concluded survey of MJF also focused on the same issue and so, MJF organised a Press Conference on 20th September 2022 at the National Press Club to share the study findings and disseminate the recommendations made by the project.


To see the detail Press Conference please follow the link,

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