MJF Covid-19 Responses in August 2020

MJF Covid-19 Responses in August 2020

During August 2020, MJF continued its online advocacy efforts demanding effective measures by the Government and relevant agencies to prevent domestic violence against women and children during Corona situation. This e-newsletter highlights some of the activities undertaken during August 2020.


The rate of child abuse in workplace in July has increased by 136 percent compared to June: MJF study reveals

The rate of child abuse in the workplace has increased as people are returning to work after the end Corona-induced general holiday. Through a rapid telephone survey, Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) found that the rate of child abuse in workplace in July has increased by 136 percent compared to June. 692 children were victims of violence during the survey period while the number was only 292 June. As expected, domestic violence reduced with easing of lockdown.

In July, 692 children were abused at their workplaces. In addition, the rate of child abduction also increased. 69 children were abducted. A total of 2969 children reported to have been tortured. Of these, 1989 are girls, which is 66 per cent, and 1,000 are boys, and 34 per cent are boys.

Referring to the data of July, MJF Executive Director Shaheen Anam said that the increase in child abuse in the workplace was alarming; however reduction in child marriage and domestic violence against women and girls is a positive sign. MJF Executive Director called upon the government to pay special attention to the safety of children in addition to addressing other issues during emergencies. To read the full report, please visit here:


Online Advocacy

During August, MJF organized few webinars organized by various organizations demanding improvements in the lives of women, children, youth and marginalized communities, affected by Covid-19. On 27 August, MJF-Department of Women and Gender Studies -Dhaka University organized a webinar on “Youth Perception on Gendered Care work and Gender-based Violence”. On 14 August, a webinar by women’s fortnightly Ananonya discussed issues on attaining gender parity for women during natural disasters. On 7 August, the magazine Ananonya organized a webinar on the role of the state in recognizing women’s unpaid work. Noted economist Dr Selim Jahan and Dr Fahmida Khatun, Executive Director, CPD participated.

Media Advocacy

MJF’s dynamic Media and Communication Lead, Ms. Shahana Huda Ranjana, continued her advocacy blitz to influence public opinion on various socio-economic aspects of the COVID-19 fallout. She wrote three op-ed pieces on wide-ranging issues such as when juvenile development centres turns into an oppressor, when people neglect and de-humanize Bangladesh’s marginalized people and dynamics of rampant corruption during Covid-19 pandemic.

Capacity development

ALOK Limited, a sister concern of MJF, began capacity building programme after five months by maintaining health and hygiene rules. Eleven participants from nine partners and two MJS staff joined sessions on “Gender and Climate Change”. ALOK provides consulting services in the field of capacity and organizational development. It also operates a training center fully-equipped with state-of-the art facilities.

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