MJF e-newsletter January 2021

MJF e-newsletter January 2021

During January 2021, MJF continued its advocacy efforts demanding effective measures by the Government and relevant agencies to prevent domestic violence against women and children during Corona situation. This e-newsletter highlights some of the activities undertaken during January 2021.

An alarming rise in the incidence of child rape and child marriage during the Corona period

Despite the closure of educational institutions and the absence of public gatherings during the Corona period, 626 children were raped while child marriages increased by some 60% during January to December 2020.

Revealing this data during an online press conference on 9 January 2021, Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) urged the Bangladesh government to take more effective measures to provide overall security to the children of Bangladesh. The press conference titled ‘Bangladesh Child Situation 2020’, was moderated by MJF Executive Director Shaheen Anam. Read the news in details here.


MJF suggest enacting witness protection law

On 14 January, MJF urged the government to reform rape laws, enact witness protection laws, and complete investigations and trial in a timely manner. It also recommended amending the relevant law to allow persons with language and hearing and intellectual disabilities testify in rape cases. It also urged effective capacity-building of police, judges, lawyers, doctors, court staff and all stakeholders involved in the trial of rape cases. MJF also demanded identifying any errors in the medical report as punishable offence. Please read the full story here and here.


Media Advocacy

MJF’s dynamic Media and Communication Lead, Ms. Shahana Huda Ranjana, continued her advocacy blitz to influence the public opinion.  On 16 January, she demanded to bring under justice to those who habitually and unnecessarily blame child and women victims on social media comments.


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