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Advancing Women’s Rights of Access to Information in Bangladesh

Advancing Women’s Rights of Access to Information in Bangladesh

Project: Advancing Women’s Rights of Access to Information in Bangladesh

Since the enactment of the Right to Information Act in Bangladesh, Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) has been working at the grassroots level with the government and Information Commission (IC) and through partner organisations to ensure the right to information of the marginalised people.

Access to information allows all, particularly women to make more effective decisions related to property rights, education, social security, capacity building and employment. Exercising the right of access to information makes women’s participation meaningful in the public sphere, and upholds their dignity in the family and society. Evidence suggests that women face challenges in accessing government-held information.  Moreover, the duty-bearers do not pay much attention to providing information to the women.

MJF, as an implementing partner, is executing the advocacy work under the overarching intervention of a project, ‘Advancing Women’s Rights of Access to Information in Bangladesh’ to focus on women’s information rights. The project will cover enhancing the capacity of the duty-bearers so that they become equipped and sensitised to ensure public service-related information to the women. In this direction, the policy-making level of the government, especially with the IC, Ministry of Education and Cabinet Division (Coordination and Reforms) officials will be taken up for advocacy consultation for necessary policy changes.

Project Objectives
=> To increase the capacity and responsiveness of the national and local level public institutions to women’s rights to information.
=>To enhance the ability of secondary school teachers for teaching the students about the rights of access to information lessons.
=> To make marginalised women and civil society representatives aware of public services and opportunities that they require by using the RTI application.

Expected Outcomes
1. Secondary school teachers in Bangladesh teach lessons on the Right to Information to their students effectively.
2. Duty-bearers and RTI-designated officers efficiently deliver public service-related information, especially to women and marginalised people.

Target Population
Secondary school teachers, RTI-designated government officers, local government representatives, secondary school students and grassroots women.

Direct Beneficiary Numbers: 173,000

Geographical Locations: Dhaka District

Implementing Organisation: Manusher Jonno Foundation

Project Duration: April 2023 to March 2028

Budget (BDT): 41,200,000

Funding Agency: USAID through The Carter Center

Aligns with SDGs: Goal 16

Aligns with MJF’s Focused Thematic Issue:
1. Strengthen Public Institutions, including transparent and accountable quality public services for all, especially the marginalised.
2. Social, political, economic and legal empowerment of women, including reducing violence and discrimination against women, girls and children.
3. Ensure the rights and dignity of marginalised and excluded people.

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