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Enabling Sustainable Development Goals of Bangladesh for 2030

Supported by: PORTICUS


The Department of Information and Communication Technology has been working with emphasis on the implementation of digital Bangladesh. Those associations are: (i) Connectivity and ICT infrastructure (b) Human resources development (c) Development of ICT industry (d) establishment of e-Governance and others.

The project will aim to create decent job opportunities for underprivileged young women through online employment. With the right set of skills, young Bangladeshi women will get a chance to compete in the global freelancing market. The project will contribute to Bangladesh Government’s vision for equal employment of women in ICT by 2030 which conforms SDG target 8.5 (Achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men).



  • Women trained on freelancing jobs have established their profiles on online platforms as experts
  • Women have secured regular jobs online and are earning more because of a better skills match
  • Young women are more career focused and understand the market opportunities in freelancing
  • Change in perceptions that online freelancing jobs are not suitable career options for women as opposed to prevailing perceptions that they are not
  • Increase the number and visibility of women in the ICT sector to potentially trigger a multiplier effect over the medium to long terms
  • Fresh evidence available on the potential implications of emerging trends in global trade on Bangladesh’s RMG industry competitiveness and the likely impact on SDGs
  • Increased awareness amongst the policymakers and other relevant stakeholders about the potential implications and available policy actions/support measures needed to make the industry a catalyst for helping Bangladesh achieve SDGs.


The expected outcomes of the project are as below:

  • Women are more aware of market opportunities in the ICT sector
  • An increase in skilled Women ICT professionals
  • An increase in women ICT entrepreneurs
  • A pool of mentors working to promote ICT education among young women
  • An established network of women ICT professionals
  • Gender Parity in ICT employment
  • New policy measures adopted to support the RMG industry dealing with trends in global trading environment; SDGs are mainstreamed in national development strategies with the role of RMG sector being recognised critical in achieving many of the SDG targets.


Working Area:

Chattagram Division, Dhaka Division, Khulna Division, Rajshahi Division.  Barishal Division, Sylhet Division,  Rangpur Division , Mymensingh Division,  Kumilla, Dinajpur, Pabna


Partner Organization:  

  1. CodersTrust Bangladesh Ltd. (CTBD)
  2. Bangladesh Open Source Network Foundation (BdOSN)
  3. SANEM (South Asian Network on Economic Modelling)

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