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Donor: Women without Borders


In recent times rise of violent extremism and radicalization has become an issue of concern in Bangladesh.  Meanwhile few initiatives have been taken in some part of the country to counter and prevent them. As for example, some awareness sessions from the government have been taken and some NGOs are putting projects in different places though they are not enough to abolish radicalization throughout the country. Inclusion of active involvement from the family including women participation are often overlooked in efforts to counter violent extremism, despite their participation is found very common in different activities.  Their potentials as well as their roles in prevention and countering violent extremism can be role model for the country. Bangladesh, where the role of a mother is very significant to their children in terms of their education and outreach activities and movements of decision making role.  Due to lack of capacity and awareness on identifying the signs of radicalization, family members cannot be provided with the right information or messages by the mother which can really make a positive change.

Goal: A peaceful society where people with different believes, opinions and cultures live with harmony and dignity.


To capacitate the mothers for playing the effective role in family and community as an actor of social change in regard to PVE.


The major activities are:

  1. Kick-off workshop
  2. local situational analysis/local assessment
  3. TOT Workshop
  4. Entry Interviews
  5. MotherSchools Sessions
  6. Exit Interviews
  7. Exit Interviews
  8. monitoring and evaluation
  9. Graduation Ceremony


Geographical Coverage

The project is implemented in Dhaka North and Dhaka South City Corporation catchment area covering 6 wards. For Dhaka North Ward 29, 30, 33 and for Dhaka South Ward 5, 21, 23 was considered for implementation. Considering the vulnerability of mobility of parents and less awareness of the locality and frustration among the society including the lack of ventilation of sharing views with each other are the main reason for selecting the implementation area.


The Project directly reaches 120 identified mothers with some criteria through 06 batches and each of the batches will be provided with 10 sessions on Radicalization and Violent Extremism. The indirect beneficiary numbers will be much more as the mothers will share all their gathered information to rest of their family members and their community.

Implementing partners

  1. CPD-              Responsible to implement in Dhaka North Project
  2. Nari Maitree- Responsible to implement in Dhaka South Project

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