MJF identifies the following guiding principles for partnership

Mutual trust and respect : Mutual trust and respect are demonstrated by respecting the priorities of the partners, creating opportunities for partners to participate in decision making, and valuing their opinions.
Joint Accountability : Both partners are responsible for achieving the goals, objectives, and outputs of the project.  Each partner is therefore responsible to the other for the tasks they have undertaken.
Two-way learning : Partnership results on mutual benefit based on respective experiences and strengths.  It is important to cultivate process of two- way learning and knowing the expectation.
Commitment : Refers to the degree of importance placed on the joint initiative by each of the partners.  Commitment is demonstrated through timely allocation of resources, quick response, and flexibility in approach.
Joint Participation : Joint participation, which may results in equality implies an effort in facilitating participation of staff at different positions within each of the organizations despite the differences in strength and resources.