History of grants and projects

Since the inception, MJF has been collaborating with partner NGOs promoting human rights and governance to ensure dignity and well-being of marginalized people. Participation of partner NGOs in implementation of MJF programme has grown about from 100 partners in 2002 to gradually more than 250 directly and indirectly.

MJF grant making to partners is initiated with an open call for proposal. MJF invites NGOs through public announcement and MJF website to respond to the call for proposal. Each call refers to latest version of funding guideline, budget guideline, thematic guideline and template to share learning and improve the way to prepare project proposal and associated budget. Organizations registered as a not for profit organization having capacity can response. They need to fulfill call-specific criteria and priorities announced with each call for proposal.

Partners need to have own contribution which includes cash and in-kind contributions such as direct financial co-funding, human resources seconded to the project at no costs and provision of operational facilities.

Proposals are screened for basic eligibility and evaluation includes expected outcomes and project results. A short list is prepared out of applicant NGOs after evaluation using standardized evaluation tools. The appraisal team visit shortlisted NGOs to validate proposal and conduct due diligence assessment with a wide range of tools for capacity assessment and recommend based on obtained score. Executive board makes final funding decision for a specific grant size and project duration. Unsuccessful applicants are informed with reasons for rejection. Team comprising of program and finance person sit together with selected NGOs and finalize budget after rigorous budget negotiation.

The arrangement and purpose for which the grant will be used are set out in Grant Agreement, its annexures and corresponding project proposal. Reducing gender inequality is a common requirement for using MJF grants. All funding agreement with partners must have an approved project proposal where quarterly actions and deliverables are streamlined.
Once the grant agreement enters into force, after NGO bureau approval, partners may begin to work on the project and payment is made as outlined in agreement. Designated program staff member will act as point of program contact person & approval authority and one designated grants team member will act as finance contact person.

MJF grants must be separately accounted for through an interest bearing project bank account and readily identifiable at all times. A fund disbursement schedule is maintained and fund is disbursed quarterly in advance once the previous tranche has been accounted for.
Partners will use funding amount solely for the costs included as part of budget agreed with MJF for the delivery of outputs and outcomes set out in project proposal. There may have contingency provision to meet the unforeseen event.

In utilizing grants, partner will exercise the same care as it exercise with respect to the administration and management of its own resources and affairs. The partner may emerge into sub-partnership provided that they will undertake same arrangements and suitable due diligence throughout the implementation to assess the internal controls and systems of sub-partners.

Partners will fulfill monitoring and reporting requirements and will provide MJF quarterly narrative project progress report and financial report including forecast for upcoming quarter. MJF contributes capacity building and technical support for partner NGOs on financial and project management. MJF has regular review of financial management system and compliance by conducting regular monitoring visit.

Partners will utilize the fund transparently allowing traceability throughout the delivery chain and follow the code of conduct. They will hold sole accountability for compliance with the provisions of grant agreement including also where they engage any sub-partners. They will at all times comply with reporting obligations, legislation, regulations and rules relevant to the donors and country regulatory bodies.

Partners will ensure that any procurement using MJF funds adheres to best practice and applicable regulations, is transparent, fair and open and designed to achieve value for money.
Partners will notify any event which damages or is capable of damaging the reputation of MJF or that of the project.

Partner will manage all risks in relation to grants and responsible for monitoring and reporting of risk factors. MJF maintains an up to date record of partners demonstrating how funds flow from MJF to end beneficiaries and the risks and potential risk along the chain. Annual risk assessment is conducted throughout the life of the project at partner level.
Partners will provide independent assurance of using MJF fund for intended purpose and will provided annual accounts audited by appropriately qualified auditor. They will comply retaining all records associated with grant agreement.
Partners will assist and co-operate with MJF to enable MJF to comply with its information disclosure and data protection obligations.

MJF considers any assets purchased from MJF fund as project asset and retain ultimate ownership until the ownership is transferred. They will maintain an inventory of assets, ensure physical checks and be accountable for the appropriate use, maintenance and control of inventory items.

Partners are responsible for all security arrangements in relation to the grant agreement including personal health, safety and security.

Partners will explicitly acknowledge MJF funding in written and verbal communications about activities related to the funding and through using, where appropriate, MJF and donor logo.
To deal with MJF fund, neither the partner nor any individual shall engage in any personal, business or professional activity which conflicts or could conflict with any of their obligations in relation to grant agreement.

Partners will show zero tolerance approach towards fraud, corruption, misappropriation, terrorist financing or other misuse of fund including any associated inappropriate behavior and firmly show commitment to fight against terrorism. MJF has an effective fraud investigation mechanism and should be contacted in the first instance at info@manusher.org. Information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Partners must ensure that for a project to be fully closed and archived, a project completion report is submitted. All outstanding payments are claimed within the stipulated time and assets are disposed of after MJF approval in a way that represents best value for money. Required audit and financial statement covers full project duration and any unspent funds are refunded to MJF.

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