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Capacity Development


Capacity development unit of MJF was in built in the MJF project designing. Since beginning the unit has been working with different types of organizations and has identified that capacity building needs of partner organizations are intensive and diverse, which may varies from very basic to strategic capacity development inputs. Therefore, MJF has adopted a combination approach to respond and also developed its core competencies to address the need. MJF beliefs that, the partner organizations are primarily responsible for their capacity development and MJF’s role is to facilitate the process.

Goal of capacity development:

Strengthen the human and institutional capacity of the partner NGOs so that they can implement their programs and projects more effectively,efficiently and sustainable.

Major Principles of Capacity Development:
A large part of the capacity development activities should be initiated and managed internally by the NGOs
The primary focus of capacity development is not the project rather the organization
NGOs are to take a pro-active role for its capacity development. MJF will match with the partner NGOs through responding to their needs
MJF employs its core competencies for capacity development of the partner NGOs.
MJF undertakes especially targeted program for marginalized population.




  • Organizing
  • Organize capacity development events for the partners such as training, workshop, consultation meetings etc.
  • Outsourcing
  • Outsource capacity development support services to the competent resource organizations.
  • Partnership
  • MJF in partnership with local and international agencies will organize events and actions for partner’s capacity development.
  • Technical Assistance
  • MJF maintains a roster of consultants to support its capacity development activities. It may suggest partners consultants (if request come for such support from the partners) to accomplish specific task.
  • Developing resources in partners:
  • MJF facilitates the process of developing core trainers among the partner organizations, who assist MJF in capacity development of mid and field level staff.


CD Framework


Other Programs

Development Initiative to Promote Transforming Young Women (DIPTYWO)
Youth of the country are highly idealistic and potent change agents and they constitute one third of the country’s total population. A significant number of them, however, are caught in a vicious circle of poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. As a result, many of the, youth population are out mainstream national development. In this background, a project titled ‘Development Initiative to Promote Transforming Young Women (DIPTWO)’ is designed to implement through small grass root level organizations and these organizations are involved with capacity development program of MJF.
Career Development Program for Marginalized Women:
MJF is engaged to improve the livelihood status of marginalized people, in implementing various developmental projects all over the country through partner organizations. It is observed that MJF supported organizations employ very less woman staff at senior management level (i.e. project Coordinator, Program manager) due to shortage of qualified, professional and experienced women candidates especially among the marginalized women. Under these circumstances, MJF has taken initiative to develop capacity of marginalized women. The main objective of this initiative is to develop professional groups of marginalized women who will be visible at career field of development work. Eligibility criteria for candidate selection are:

  • Women from marginalized community (i.e. Indigenous, disability, Dalit etc.).
  • Minimum educational qualification is graduate from any discipline
  • Demonstrated spirit  of volunteerism  and  high level  of commitment for working in development sector.

Capacity Development Program for Small Partners
Capacity Development Unit of MJF takes initiatives for capacity development of local small organizations by improving their management ability and program implementation capacities. These organizations are selected from the list of unsuccessful applicants who apply to MJF for fund but cannot attain required score due to less capacity. There are certain criteria of selection which includes, organization formed by women and marginalized people, has less than five years’ experience etc.
The selected organizations receive training/ orientation from MJF according to their need and a small funding for one year to implement project so that they can use the learning in practical field.

ALOK-MJF Training Center

ALOK Training center:
Manusher Jonno Foundation has established a Training Centre at its Office premises named “Advancing Leadership and Opportunity and Knowledge”-“ALOK” MJF training centre. The training centre started its journey from 2009 and is managed by Capacity Development unit.

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  1. Shyamuyel Mondal says:

    We have a small organization. Registered by department of social welfare. We came from dalit community and work with disable children education and their life development. We’re very much interested to capacity building in our NGO. We’re humbly request you if it possible please include us capacity building program.

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