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Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) makes financial grants available to a range of civil society organizations to implement projects on Human rights and Good Governance. Grant making is carried out through a detailed selection process which involves several steps. This is detailed out in partner selection section. . However; before signing the Deed of Agreement (DoA), MJF requires the following information:

a) The total amount of grant and the quarterly requirement of fund i.e. the total project cost or budget
b) The no. of permanent staff and the shared staff of the project
c) The fixed assets required for this project
d) The activity wise program and administrative budget ratio

In order to do so, the budget negotiation process is the starting point of grant making. The budget negotiation is an interactive session between the applicant organization and MJF. MJF has some standard cost analysis and the proposed budget must fall under the standard rate of MJF unless there is sufficient justification for variation. The budget negotiator reviews the proposed budget, compares it with the set standard of MJF and discusses with the applicant organization’s representative. Soon after the completion of budget negotiation, the Deed of Agreement is drafted and shared with the applicant organization and ultimately signed by both the parties. According to the budget, a quarterly disbursement schedule is established. A separate dedicated bank account is mandatory for the operation of the project. Soon after signing the DoA and opening the bank account, the 1st advance is remitted to the mother/project bank account for starting the operation of the project. At the end of the 1st quarter, the partners are to report on the progress and financial position of the quarterly activities and budget. The whole process of grant making is carried out by Grants Control department of MJF. This Departmental sore commends there lease of fund for partners at the end of each quarter, carrying out the risk assessments, the financial appraisals of the applicants and provides training and capacity building support to the partners’ staff. The Operation section of MJF Communicates with the Government agencies for the project approval fund clearance and reviews the legal status of the organization

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