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MJF has been promoting human rights and good governance in Bangladesh since 2002. Till date MJF has partnered with more than 250 organizations to work on various aspects of rights and governance. Targeting the most marginalized sections of society, MJF through its partners is creating an enabling environment where by people are capable to raise their voice against injustice, rights violation and poor governance and demand improved services from public institutions.  On the other hand MJF partners are building capacity of public institutions to respond to the needs and demand of the poor and marginalized.
In the last few years MJF has been involved in high level Policy Advocacy and was instrumental in bringing about policy change and the enactment of some important laws .With its grant making role to large and small organizations, MJF believes it is in a unique position to influence policy at the national level. It has the ability to gather grass root information on critical issues of rights and governance and feed it to decision makers for policy change. It is in this context that MJF is planning to set up a Policy Research Unit.
In selecting the issues of policy research, MJF will first analyze its strength, experience and expertise. It will go into areas where there will be value addition. MJF will also make an analysis and desk review to scan what has been done before and builds on those. Most importantly it will pick research topics that have the ability to influence policy. However, the core principle of MJF policy research will be to bring about policy changes that will be pro poor, pro women and children.
The purpose of the website is to initiate and encourage interaction between groups involved in similar kind of work. The website will also make it possible for MJF to share its research work and solicit comments and feedback. It will act as vehicle to disseminate research findings to a varied stakeholder group. MJF is keen that this website is used extensively by different section of society including NGOs, research groups, government, private section etc.

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