Partner Selection Process

All partnerships are formalized through signing an “Agreement”.  The agreement is finalized after in-depth discussions between the two organizations and takes into account the following points:

All Agreement should be signed by the appropriate representative for MJF and the Chief Executive Officer or Head of the Institution of the potential partner organisation.

The Agreement is to be developed at the end of the process through which specific roles, responsibilities, expectations, and limitations are clarified.


All Agreements include the following

  • A generic General Agreement with a section on miscellaneous clauses where additional points may be added by the user project, if at 
    all required.
  • Specific Sections that entail details of project-specific terms and conditions agreed upon by MJF and the partner.  This is a flexible 
    tool to be availed by projects according to their requirements.
  • An Action Plan for the activities and outputs to be implemented under the agreement.
  • A Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
  • A breakdown of costs – the Budget – (in a given format).